An introduction to independent filming

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Independent Film

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The independent film scene's development in the s and s has been stimulated by a range of factors, including the development of affordable digital cinematography cameras that can rival 35 mm film quality and easy-to-use computer editing software.

Filmmaking also takes place outside of the mainstream and is commonly called independent filmmaking. Since the introduction of DV technology, the means of production have become more democratized and economically viable.

"An Excellent And Comprehensive Manual For Independent Film" - by Vic G. Sarjoo (New York & New Orleans) This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the creation and marketing of film while also offering a full understanding of independent film economics.

Look no further than The Independent‘s 30 Quintessential Books for Independent Filmmakers. Here, we list the top must-owns, including Independent Feature Film Production, The Filmmaker’s Handbook, On Film-making: An Introduction to the Craft of the Director by Alexander Mackendrick.

There is a plethora of alternative approaches to getting one’s film seen and sold, which we discuss in our article, An Introduction to Indie Film Distribution in the Digital Age. Indeed, “Every film is different,” as Marc Schiller, founder and CEO of distributor BOND, stresses in his Lights’ interview.

Dec 27,  · This introduction to DSLR video is divided into six parts.

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Learn how to set up your camera, shoot in daylight and at night. This tutorial shows you how to get the cinematic film look that.

An introduction to independent filming
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Independent Filmmaking: How To Be An Independent Filmmaker