An introduction to native american code talkers

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College History Class Research Paper: Native American Code Talkers

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Congress honors Native American code talkers

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Navajo Code Talkers' story and hoop dancer help celebrate Native American culture at Fort Irwin

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Introduction The purpose of this WebQuest is for students to illustrate an understanding of the novel "Code Talker" by Joseph Bruchac, while examining the historical truth to the story.

Although the story Bruchac writes is fictional, it is based on an actual group of Marines that served in World War II and were called Code Talkers.

Code talker

The Choctaw and Navajo Code Talkers played a major role in American history. This sample essay explores WWII and the history of Native American Code Talkers.

World War I’s Native American Code Talkers

In a ceremony Wednesday, congressional leaders formally awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to American Indians known as code talkers honoring the service of 33 tribes.

From his seat, Lyle Cook watched the applause for Harjo and a procession of speeches proudly, with a lump in his throat. In DecemberPresident Richard M. Nixon presented the code talkers with a certificate of appreciation for the “patriotism, resourcefulness, and courage” they brought to bear in giving the Marine Corps its only unbreakable means of battlefield communication, saving thousands of American lives and perplexing the enemy to the very end.

Code talkers made an even bigger impact during World War II, when the U.S. government specifically recruited Comanche, Hopi, Meskwaki, Chippewa-Oneida and Navajo tribal members for such work.

An introduction to native american code talkers
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Native American Code Talkers