An introduction to the comparison of literature by john smith and william bradford

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Immanuel Kant

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Compare and contrast of John Smith’s writing to William Bradford’s

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William Bradford

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John Smith and William Bradford

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Bradford and Winthrop: Different Approaches to Colonial New England A Thesis 2 Bradford Smith, Bradford of Plymouth (Philadelphia/New York: J.

B. Lippincott Company, ), 9. 2 introduction to The Journal of John Winthropby John. THE WRITINGS OF CAPTAIN JOHN SMITH AND WILLIAM BRADFORD. A comparison of the works of these two figures of American history.

Both writers used a "plain style" and emphasized the opportunities to be "self-made" in the New World, yet the style and content of their writings also differ because Smith was an adventurer and Bradford was a religious refugee and settler.

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An introduction to the comparison of literature by john smith and william bradford
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