An introduction to the freshman at william paterson university

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Music Education

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Music Degrees – Reviewing the Options

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NJCU Athletics

CSRDE STEM Retention Report. Introduction Advisory Committee Summary TableS 1able 1:T Six-year Institution-wide Graduation Rates First-time Freshman All Majors William Paterson University.

Highly. Moderately. Less. All. Institutional and Student Characteristics. Selective. University Screening Committee for a new Associate Provost for Enrollment, University Search Committee for the William Paterson Chair in Transportation. Our music education program provides the knowledge, skills, flexibility, and versatility required to meet the demands of contemporary educational settings.

Through the study of important topics in music education, including performance, general, instrumental and choral music education, and technology, our graduates are consistently recognized as having a well-rounded, down to earth approach to teaching. March 1 - Priority University Honors College consideration; June 1* - Regular; Spring.

December 1; Freshman decisions are processed on a Rolling Admissions basis. In order to maintain quality programs and student services, the University will adhere to the printed deadlines. university open house The University Open House is an opportunity to explore all that NJCU has to offer!

From our exceptional academic departments and programs to athletics, student clubs and organizations, and more, this is a complete introduction to the university and an. The following report is the property of the Board of Regents of University of Oklahoma and the Center for Institutional Data Exchange and Analysis and, as such, is subject to certain rights and protections.

An introduction to the freshman at william paterson university
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