An introduction to the kindness of mcdonalds employees

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Ye Olde McDonalds’ Days by Ghostsniper

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Part I: "What You Pawn I will Redeem" by Sherman Alexie The homeless narrator of the short story "What You Pawn I will Redeem" by Sherman Alexie is an intelligent, articulate man who has fallen into the trap of alcoholism and despair. Carol Rudy, 67, of Harrisburg, was presented a special commendation on behalf of McDonald’s USA President Jeff Stratton after a customer took the time to write a two-page letter expressing her gratitude for the “friendly smiles” and “words of encouragement” Rudy has given over the past years.

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McDonald's originally started as a small hamburger stand in Bernardino, California, owned by Dick and Mac McDonald. With determination to enhance their business Dick and Mac closed their business for three months and re-opened December as a self-service drive-in restaurant, serving only nine items: hamburger, cheeseburger, potato chips, milk, coffee, and slices of pie.

McDonald's employees and the precision of McDonald's Web site, are perfect sources for all kind of information that can help analyse through Porter's value chain, all the aspects of its value creation.

An introduction to the kindness of mcdonalds employees
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McDonald's employee's amazing act of kindness for elderly man goes viral online - Mirror Online