An introduction to the life of grace brewster murray hopper

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Grace Brewster Murray Hopper

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Grace Hopper

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Grace Brewster Murray was born on December 9, in New York City, USA. Hopper was her married surname. Her father was Walter Fletcher Murray, an insurance executive; and her mother was the mathematically talented Mary Campbell Van Horne.

Grace Brewster Murray Hopper

The couple had three children; Grace was the eldest. Childhood and Early Life. On 9th Decembera duo called Mary Campbell Van Horne and Walter Fletcher Murray were blessed with their first born child in New York, United States.

She was none other than Grace Brewster Murray Hopper.

The Extraordinary Life of the 'Queen of Code': A Grace Hopper Biography

At her tender age, she was always curious to find out the primary function of electronic gadgets. The Extraordinary Life of the 'Queen of Code': A Grace Hopper Biography.

10 Facts about Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper was one of the most influential computer scientists of all time. Early Life of Grace Hopper: Grace Brewster Murray Hopper was born in New York City in She was born Grace Brewster Murray.

She was the oldest of three children. Inshe married Vincent Foster Hopper and took his.

Grace Hopper

In Murray graduated from Vassar College with honors in physics and mathematics. Her last name changed to Hopper after she married in She received two more degrees in mathematics from Yale University: a master’s in and a doctorate in Hopper taught mathematics at Vassar before joining the U.S.

Naval Reserve in

An introduction to the life of grace brewster murray hopper
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