An introduction to the life of neil armstrong

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Essay on Neil Armstrong – the First Man on the Moon

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Edwin Howard Armstrong

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Neil Armstrong

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Neil Armstrong American astronaut Neil Armstrong suiting up before the launch of Gemini 8 from Cape Kennedy (now Cape Canaveral), Florida, March NASA (S) Moon landing.

On July 16,Armstrong, along with Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., and Michael Collins, blasted off in the Apollo 11 vehicle toward the Moon (see Apollo program).

This Ohio astronaut, who began his career at NASA's Glenn Research Center, later became the first man to walk on the moon. Neil Armstrong was born August 5,on a farm in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

His parents, Stephen K.

Neil Armstrong: Astronaut and the First Man to Walk on the Moon

Armstrong and Viola Engel, raised him in a series of towns in Ohio while his father worked as a state auditor. As a youth, Neil held many jobs, but none more exciting than one at the local airport.

Watch video · Astronaut, military pilot, and educator, Neil Armstrong made history on July 20,by becoming the first man to walk on the moon. Synopsis Neil. Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon.

An introduction to the life of neil armstrong
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