Writing a good introduction for a lab report

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Chemistry Lab Resources (for CHM 1XX and 2XX Labs): Home

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Sample Lab Assignment

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Since a lab report is argumentative—after all, you’re investigating a claim, and judging the legitimacy of that claim by generating and collecting evidence—it’s often a good idea to end your report with the same technique for establishing your main point.

GEOL Introduction to Remote Sensing GEOL Advanced Remote Sensing. 1. Writing Guide for Remote Sensing Labs. This is meant as a simple guide for writing a good lab report that presents scientific data.

Good lab report. Using a lab notebook. This is a guide that you need to follow when writing an experiment report. - Writing lab reports has a very similar format to scientific article and thesis. © Copyright NC State University Sponsored and funded by National Science Foundation (DUE and DUE).

How to Write a Good Lab Report Sample Lab Instruction In this lab, you design an experiment to test a hypothesis about the geometry of circles. This activity is an introduction to physics laboratory investigations. It is designed to give practice taking measurements, analyzing data, and drawing inferences without requiring any special.

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Writing a good introduction for a lab report
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What your lab reports must involve and how to get help with them